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THE NEW YORK based National Limousine Association (NLA) is calling for fingerprint checks for all hire and reward drivers.

A spokesman for the NLA said: “The National Limousine Association is renewing its call for legislation mandating fingerprint-based background checks and universal drug-screening for executive and ride-hailing service drivers.”

Uber and Lyft disagree and claim they already perform “rigorous background checks” on all their drivers to ensure the safety of their passengers.

But, a spokesman for the NLA said this was false: “As demonstrated recently in Colorado and Massachusetts, where the background checks of these companies missed thousands of drivers with criminal backgrounds.”

Gary Buffo, president of the NLA, said: “Uber and Lyft continue to evade the issues and questions concerning their driver screening procedures. A truly comprehensive screening process would include a fingerprint-based background check with the ability to find crimes many years back and across state lines. In-person interviews, as well as drug and alcohol screening are also absent from the ride-hail vetting process and it is time that all transportation providers are held to a much higher standard.”

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