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WOMEN-ONLY chauffeurs are being recruited to help launch a new service for school children in the suburbs of Delhi.

Bengaluru based Taxshe, which only employs  women drivers, has signed a deal with Saksha Cabs in the Indian capital in a bid to help children get to school safely and on time and also provide employment for its female chauffeurs.

Founder of Taxshe, Vandana Suri, said:

I am a mother and truly believe mothers are best  equipped to take care of children. We women cannot keep waiting for the world to change, for laws to be enforced, for society to improve the power to change lies in us.

“We have cases of women cabbies in Bengaluru team, where the kids are so well taken care of, that they do not even want to change their schools because of how much they like their driver.

“These women, trained by such insightful and pro-active women, have helped in keeping 250 children safe and secure.”

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