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HACKNEY CARRIAGE cabbies in Liverpool are demanding new regulations to stop out-of-town PHV drivers working with false licence plates.

Taxi drivers claim that minicab drivers licensed outside the city are using fake licence details – in one instance a piece of paper stuck to the back of a vehicle – and want the authorities to do something about it.

A spokesman for the National Taxi Drivers Association (NTDA) said the car (in the picture above) was:

“Clearly using fake white plates” and that when a member flagged the car down, he was shown a bus bass when he asked to see his official PHV badge.

The association is now calling for a, “major shake-up” of private hire regulations and is demanding the local authority in Liverpool take on the findings published in a recent report by Wes Streeting MP and the All Party Parliamentary Group on Taxis.

Chairman of the NTDA Kevin Lawrence said: “The picture clearly shows a car showing a white piece of paper or cardboard plate instead of an official private hire plate.

“When he was stopped on the other side of the (Mersey) tunnel by a hackney driver and asked to produce his (licence) badge, he showed him a bus pass instead.

“Photographs like this prove that standards are not being upheld and that it isn’t possible to do so without a new ruling being drafted in. This would appear to show that fake cars are working here.”

Liverpool City Council licensing committee chair, Christine Banks, said:

Most of the 2,163 private hire drivers in our city do obey the law, but we have a specific issue in Liverpool with drivers coming in from neighbouring boroughs to ply for trade illegally because of our vibrant night time economy.

“We already run regular operations and issue fines and prosecutions to hundreds of drivers each year, but could do more if we could use the licence fees paid to other areas.”

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