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THE LONDON Assembly has passed a motion calling on the mayor of London Sadiq Khan to replace any requirement for private hire drivers to pass a written English exam with a £25 verbal test.

Labour Party assembly member, Florence Eshalomi, who voiced her opposition to Transport for London’s £180 English test at a private hire demo outside City Hall in December, proposed the motion and released the following statement.

Florence-EshalomiAccording to Ms Eshalomi:

It is if course vital that taxi drivers can communicate with their passengers in English. However, the estimated £300 to take the test seems a disproportionate cost, especially when you bear in mind that drivers will soon be required to pass an advance driving test costing £149.

There are over tests which could be used that cost just £25. It’s time for the mayor to look into other options. What we don’t want to see is people losing their livelihoods.

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