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THE MOTHER of a teenager kicked out of a cab on a bitter cold winter’s night in the Canadian province of Alberta has called for the hackney carriage driver responsible to be sacked.

Marci Terpsma said her son Carson (19) had been out celebrating with friends in Edmonton when he was thrown out of the taxi in temperatures of -37C when the meter hit $40.

Mrs Terpsma said: 

I want to know that this taxi driver loses his licence. I want to know that there’s repercussions and if there isn’t, I will go to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The cabbie stopped in the middle of the road and said: ‘Your $40 is up, get out.’ And Carson being Carson, is like, ‘Ok, Ok’, but he could have died.

The teenager struggled on in the snow on for half an hour before his mum picked him up after a frantic phone call.

Mrs Termpsma added: “His fingers and ears were ice cold and his teeth were chattering as he curled up in a ball in the back of my pickup truck. The taxi driver was negligent and action must be taken.”


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