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ISLINGTON AND Hackney Councils have voted to ban petrol and diesel cars during peak hours in some parts of East London from July 2018. 

Drivers of prohibited vehicles will be prohibited from using the designated roads, see map opposite, between the hours of 7am and 10am and 4pm and 7pm and face a ban of up to £130 the new rules are flouted.

During these hours, only electric cars, e-bikes, hybrids and hydrogen vehicles will be allowed to travel on the roads.


Simon Rush

Commenting on how the ban plan will hit the capital’s cab trade, GMB professional drivers’ branch president Simon Rush said:

It is good to cut emission levels but most private hire drivers cannot afford to simply switch to an electric or hybrid vehicle. Passengers use private hire because it is convenient and there is also the possibility that some passengers may get abusive or violent if we can’t take them where they want to go to. And what about the disabled passenger, who if we refuse to take them, may have a claim under the Equalities Act 2010?


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