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A LIVERPOOL minicab driver, approached by police over a broken tail light, was arrested for driving with illegal drugs in his system and then charged a second time after he hit an officer while in custody.

The cabbie had been told to pull over after by a highway patrol team attached to the Merseyside Police’s Roads Policing Unit and then tried to drive off before officers caught and apprehended him.

The private hire driver failed a drugs-wipe test, which allegedly showed traces of cannabis and cocaine and was taken into custody where he then assaulted a detention officer.

Merseyside Police sent out a couple of photos via social media on the night  in question and tweeted:

Patrol attempts to stop PHV to advise driver over light defect. PHV makes off but eventually caught. Driver fails drug wipe for cannabis and cocaine. Arrested and taken into custody where he assaults detention officer, causing a cut to his ear and back injury.

Twitter users backed the police, including Louise Dixon who tweeted: “Well done the  police for getting idiots like this off the road, good work.”

‘Kenny’ also supported the officers and said: “This is not good at all. How was he even given a licence?”

A statement from Merseyside Police said:

Merseyside Police has arrested a man after his PHV vehicle was stopped for a lighting defect in West Derby. The driver, a 30 year old man from West Derby, was tested at the roadside for drugs and his vehicle was searched.

“A quantity of cocaine was recovered from the car and he was arrested for possession of a Class A controlled drug and driving while unfit through drugs. He was taken to a police station and further arrested on suspicion of assaulting a police officer.”

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