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A UPS driver suffered a terrifying and sustained attack by pit bull dogs whilst dropping off a parcel. Kevin Backlund (above left) was filling in for another driver on his route and had just dropped off a package when the animals attacked him.

Bleeding profusely from the attack, the driver managed to get onto a flatbed truck but was cornered by the dogs who continued their savage assault.

Attorney Chris Davis, of Davis Law Group said: “He retreated and ended up jumping onto a flatbed trailer. Some of the dogs then jumped up and continue to attack him, biting his legs. They got a firm grip and the injuries are gruesome. Multiple and deep lacerations exposing flesh and bone, required numerous stitches. They are terrible injuries.”

The woman who owned the dogs apparently watched the attack without helping the victim. Davis added: “The EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) man that responded notes that he was screaming for his life. There was a tremendous loss of blood he could see, even from outside the chain link fence and the dogs were not stopping.”

Firefighters said that when they arrived the woman locked the gate to prevent them rescuing the stricken driver and refused to get the dogs off of him. When the firefighters rammed the gate, she threatened to shoot them.

Backlund, who needed 133 stitches, is looking to bring a civil case against the woman. The dogs have since been quarantined and may be euthanised.

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