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BICYCLE RIDERS working for the Deliveroo food takeaway company have been accused of jumping red lights, riding on pavements and crashing into pedestrians.

The firm provides a home delivery service for restaurants such as Wagamama and Gourmet Kitchen and has over 3,000 riders in 30 cities across the UK.

The company is now facing a growing number of complaints that its cyclists are dangerous, break traffic laws and have injured pedestrians in a number of smashes.

Video editor Richard Vaux from Wembley said he was unable to work for two months after both wrists were broken when a Deliveroo cyclist rode into him.

Faux said the company refused to accept responsibility for its self-employed cyclists and would not pass on the insurance details of the rider who crashed into him.

Essentially, Deliveroo are saying, it’s not their responsibility. So what’s meant to happen if there’s an accident? I am angry, frustrated and very unsatisfied.

Deliveroo claims on social media that “our riders are insured” but some cyclists who work for the company say it is difficult or too expensive to get the right sort of insurance.

A spokesman for Deliveroo added: “The safety of our riders and all others on the roads in which we operate is our priority.”

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