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TAXI DRIVERS in Delhi claim that passengers are turning their back on kaali-peelis (black-and-yellow cabs) in favour of app-based aggregators who charge cheaper rates to commuters.

Cabbies say they have lost 50-to-60 per cent of their business to app-based cab services and are now demanding the Indian government regulate them.

But, Delhi residents say the taxi operators are mainly to blame for their own misfortune.

IT professional Rubin is a regular cab customer and said:

They charge exorbitant fares and the quality of service has deteriorated. I used to pay up to 400 rupees for a short journey between Nehru Place and Lodhi Road. Today I pay less than half the amount for the same distance. The service is also much better.

Fellow cab user Parmeet Chawla said: “I prefer app-based taxis because you can track your ride through the app.

“If surge-pricing is not taking place then the rates are very cheap and you get a great service. They are my first option and only if I have nothing available would I go for a kaali-peeli.”

Other commuters say the taxi operators are their own worst enemies and over-charge, but some residents still prefer the reliability of the traditional cab service when needing to travel at unsocial hours.

Lawyer Manju Sharma said:

During the day I prefer app-based services. But, we call the local taxi stand if we go out at night. They are reliable people and we have used them for years.

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