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Dear Editor:

My cab office has recently demanded to keep a copy of drivers’ CRB checks, saying that local authorities are demanding this. In this instance, Bromley Borough Council.

We have been offered no confirmation of data protection or afforded any idea of who will be allowed to view this very personal information.

While it has been suggested this is initially for school runs, it will also be used to refuse work in Bromley. I have been told that this can be expected across the whole of London.

Now, as its TPH that check, pass and issue the licence, why would Bromley not except checks were made and said driver, past ‘fit for purpose’.

Add to this in my case, my CRB check is two and a half years old and couldn’t be used to obtain work anyhow but have been told they won’t wait for the next and most recent check.

Bromley Borough Council are also insisting the drivers are First Aid compliant. Something that will cost approximately £90 per driver and is not a TPH requirement.

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