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This year, don’t settle for anything less than the best… Choose Cordic, the best despatch system for taxi and private hire companies

BOOKING AND DESPATCH: Our call booking software has been designed to let the Operator book a Job with the minimum of typing. Jobs can be booked using the computer keyboard only, without needing a mouse. Although many powerful features are available, the basic operation of the software is very simple and easy to use. To book a Job, all you need to enter is the passenger name and the pick-up address

BOOKING METHODS: Our booking solutions seamlessley integrate with the cPAQ data despatch system booking jobs directly into the system. A list of the booking solutions are featured below along with details of how they work and their benefits.

  • Text Booking: Capture new Customers with Cordic’s new Text Booking system. Anyone with a mobile phone can just sign up for this service and start booking Jobs. The system keeps them updated by Text message, and can even send them a real-time map so they can track their taxi on their phone. Read more about Text Booking here.
  • Smart Booker 2 iPhone and Android Apps: With just a few taps on their phone, passengers can book a taxi. They can also track the progress of their car in real-time on a map. Once the booking is confirmed and when the car arrives to pick them up, the passengers receive an automatic text message. Learn more about our Smart Booker 2 Apps here.
  • Taxi Butler: The Cordic Taxi Butler device orders a cab with just one click of a button. It books jobs directly into your Cordic cPAQ data despatch system. Read more aboutTaxi Butler here.
  • Kiosk Booker: Install a Kiosk in Hotels, Clubs, Airports, Railway Stations – and let your customers book journeys themselves. Take your office to wherever your customers are. Read more.
  • Mini-Kiosk Booker: Suitable for Hotel Front Desks or Concierge; it is the preferred alternative to manual telephone bookings. Read more.
  • Credit Card: Cordic on-line credit / debit card facilities allow your Office staff to take payments easily. Payments are authorised on-line and paid directly to your bank account. Drivers can also accept credit or debit card payments in the car. For more information click here.
  • Web Reporter: Cordic’s powerful Web Reporter package gives users the ability to run various report queries whenever they need, enabling them to operate their business as effectively as possible. For more information click here.
  • Cordic National Gateway: The Cordic National Gateway (CNG) gives Private Hire and Taxi Fleets the ability to collaborate with each other to win new business accounts and deliver an improved service to their customers. Booked jobs can be sent to sub-contractors via the CNG. Both fleets have the ability to track the vehicle and driver at all stages of the job. For more information click here.

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