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CHICAGO CITY Council’s crackdown on unlicensed limo bus vehicles has been criticised as “over zealous” after a number of legal operators overturned ‘bogus licence’ offences in court.

Licensed limo party bus firms are required to have CCTV cameras and a guard if there are more than 15 passengers  and alcohol on board, or if multiple stops are made at venues where drinks can be bought.

The rule must be enforced, even if a vehicle just stops to pick up passengers at museums, theatres and hotels where alcohol is sold and Carl Ekberg, vice president of Chicago Classic Coach said:

If one of our limousines picked up the Little Sisters of the Poor at a hotel and  then stopped at another hotel to pick up the Pope, I’d need a security guard  and a camera on board just because the hotels serve alcohol. If you stop at multiple locatons, they consider you to be on a bar crawl.

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