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A WASHINGTON limousine driver has given evidence at the trial of four women and two men who allegedly took part in the Trump Inauguration Day riot earlier this year.

Chauffeur Luis Villaroel told the Washington DC Superior Court that he could only, “stand and watch” as a number of rioters broke away from the main mob and begin to smash up his vehicle.

Mr Villaroel said:

I had just dropped off my passengers and had parked up at the junction of 13th and K streets when I saw a group of about hundred or so protestors walk by, many of them wearing black with their faces covered.

Minutes later, one of the rioters threw an open flare into the back seat of the car. I rushed to the limousine and was able to stamp out the flame as it was burning the carpet. I was very upset and angry. This vehicle we use to make our living. Now we are one vehicle less.

The trial continues.

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