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CALIFORNIA-based vehicle maker Chanje has launched an all-electric medium-duty delivery van. The first model to roll off the production line will be a commercial panel van, 26 feet long and able to haul up to 2,700 kilos.

Founder and CEO Bryan Hansel said he wants to, “remove noise and tail pipe emissions from delivery trucks in cities”.

He said: We have an opportunity to meaningfully overhaul the last mile industry and completely revolutionise how that facet of transportation impacts the environment.

Medium duty electric trucks offer the biggest emissions saving potential of all vehicles because our products fit best where they are needed the most – in highly populated, dense urban centres where noise and air quality are a major concern.

Future customers can also expect a helping hand from California taxpayers as buyers of medium-sized electric trucks qualify for thousands of dollars in state subsidies.

Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, James Chen, the company’s general counsel has admitted these subsidies “will help accelerate our expansion. But we don’t see it as a long-term strategy.”

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