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Meterless taxis may lose licence

TAXI DRIVERS in Rwanda have been told to fit automated fare meters into their vehicles or “face penalties” set by the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Agency (RURA).Director general of RURA, Deo Muvunyi, said: “Taxi...

Drunkest Russian driver ever?

He has been labelled on the internet as Russia’s drunkest driver ever and judging by this amazing YouTube footage, it is hard to argue the point. The film, which was captured in September 2011 and has only r...
Mackerel swimming

Mashed mackerel

FOUR DISTRIBUTION companies are the subject of a $108,670 legal action after a shipment of  mackerel was “damaged beyond commercial repair or use and could not be sold for human consumption” in a transportation accident in October 2011. 24,300 kilograms of ...
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