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DUBAI TRANSPORT company Careem is planning a recruitment drive for female drivers after King Salman announced that women will be allowed to drive in Saudia Arabia from June 2018.

The United Emirates ride-hail company recently hosted its first recruitment session for women in the Arabian coastal city of Khobar and plans to recruit up to 100,000 female drivers in the next few years.



Careem female chauffeurs programme director Sara Al Gouweiz said:

This is a rite of passage for women. For women to drive their own cars signals autonomy, mobility and financial independence. Society portrays women to be strong when its convenient and weak when it is convenient. I say if you can depend on a female doctor to deliver a baby, then you can depend on a woman to drive a car.

Careem plans to add a ‘Captinah’ button to its limousine booking app in June 2018, which will allow women and families to choose female chauffeurs.

Mother-of-three Nawal Al Jabbar (50) attended Careem’s recruitment driver in Khobar and said: “For years I felt helpless. My car would be parked outside and I could not drive anywhere. But now, becoming a chauffeur would mean extra income as well.”

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