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A TAXI FIRM in Canterbury is letting its customers re-route their journeys so they can hunt down characters from the Pokemon Go virtual reality app game from Nintendo.

Longleys Cabs say it wants to help passengers try to catch over 150 creatures – including Bulbasurs and Pikachus – and marketing manager, Amy McManus said:

We are up for anything when it comes to engaging with our customers.

“I’m a huge Pokemon Go fan, to the point of going out with friends in evenings specifically to go hunting for Pokemon. It’s great fun and it gets you outside walking!

“Dave (the owner) wanted Longleys to get involved in Pokemon Go as the game was really taking off and lots of customers were playing it.

“After travelling in the car while my other half drove, I realised that you could get the Pokestops if you were quick enough (and the game kept up with you) so I suggested it to Longleys for cab passengers and they were 100 per cent up for it straight away.”

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