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SAN FRANCISCO cab firm boss Hansu Kim says he may change the way his taxi firm is regulated, to ensure a level playing field with companies like Uber and Lyft.

Mr Kim says Desoto Cab might enter ‘the disruption business’ so that the company can benefit from the same, “loopholes in the regulatory process” that allow the new ‘ride-sharing’ firms to exist.

The president of the 204-vehicle fleet cab company said Desoto Cab was, “bleeding money” because of the different rules that are applied to Uber and Lyft.

He added: “For example, the transportation network companies, the fancy name for what these so-called, ride-share companies do, don’t have taxi-cab medallions from the municipal city authorities.

“A requirement that costs our company $5.4 million a year.

“If Desoto switched to a charter-party carrier licence, we would be able to do the same thing as Uber and Lyft and spend much less money in order to do it.

“Given the same rules I could beat them all day long. That way, I could compete with the ride-share companies and still prove a regulated service.”

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