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THE CHINESE AUTHORITIES have released an American college student who was arrested after he allegedly injured a taxi driver when his mother got into a row over a cab fare.    

University of Montana senior Guthrie McLean (25) had been detained in the city of Zhengzhou on charges of intentional injury after his mother Jennifer McLean had argued with a cabbie over the change she believed she was owed.

McLean claimed he pushed the taxi driver to the ground because he was, “roughing up” his mother, who has impaired hearing.

The student had been visiting his mother, who teaches English in Zhengzhou, but he was not arrested until three weeks later, when the police demanded the equivalent of $7,400 (£5,641) in compensation for injury to the taxi driver.

McLean faced three years in a Chinese prison if he did not pay up but Montana senators – Democrat Jon Tester and Republican Steve Daines – pressed the US ambassador in Beijing, Terry Branstead, to argue for his release. Local police have declined to comment on the incident but Mrs McLean said her son’s actions were justified because the taxi driver had been hurting her.

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