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THE LONDON MAYOR has been filmed on a mobile smartphone swearing abuse at a licensed taxi driver on the streets of North London.

Mr Johnson was cycling home to Islington when a black cab driver struck up a conversation with him and accused the 51 year prospective MP for Uxbridge & South Ruislip of failing to protect the black cab trade in London.

The slanging match was filmed on an iPhone, and shows the hackney carriage driver jerking his wrist up and down and shouting: “You’re one of them mate. That’s what you are. One of them”.

The film footage, sent by a witness to The Sun newspaper, shows the London mayor stopping his bicycle and shouting back at the taxi driver: “Why don’t you fu*k off and die, why don’t you f*ck off and – and not in that order”

A source close to Mr Johnson said the mayor of London had felt under attack and had been, “obliged to offer a few choice words”.

The source added: “Boris has dozens of chance conversations every week. Many are productive and friendly, some of them are colourful.

“Most end happily, but I believe this particular cabbie is a serial heckler”.

Steve McNamara, general secretary of the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association, said: “This was an incident between two grown men. No children were about and no one was offended. It’s a bit of a storm in a tea cup.

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