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A CABBIE in Athens suffered injuries to his legs and feet after an explosive device, thought to be a grenade, was thrown at a police station.

The taxi driver said he pulled over to fix a mechanical problem when he heard a loud ‘pop’ and noticed that blood was pouring out of a number of wounds. He told detectives he thought his injuries had been caused by an exploding faulty headlight.

A police spokesman said:

A grenade was thrown at a central Athens police station. Windows and doors of a number of vehicles parked near to the station were also damaged by fragments from the explosive device.

Responsibility for the attack was claimed by an un-named political group which posted a brief statement on an internet website often used by anarchists and far-left anti-establishment activists.

The message claimed the attack had been in support of a 29 year old man, currently held in police custody in Athens, who has been accused of sending a booby-trapped parcel bomb that injured the Greek prime minister Lucas Papademos.

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