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NIGERIAN-BORN Larry Ojeleye is helping people back home in West Africa gain access to healthcare facilities by raising money to send back old medical equipment.

The Kansas-based chauffeur set up Affordable Limousines Incorporated when he moved to the United States in 1985 and then launched Igbomina Project North America (IPNA) as a non-profit charity organisation.

IPNA sends donated medical instruments back to Nigeria and has recently acquired and refurbished an old ambulance.

Mr Ojeleye said he was motivated to help because of the poor medical facilities in Africa and added:

You find out when you go over there and people have accidents, they don’t have access to an ambulance to transport them to the hospital. There’s not even a 911 number to call.

The Overland Park Regional Hospital in Kansas has already donated much needed medical equipment to the IPNA and Mr Ojeleye added: “It makes me feel very great to do this, because if I save one life I think I have saved a lot of lives.”

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