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AMAZON HAS filed a US patent to deliver packages to customers using drones housed in warehouse airships parked at 45,000ft in the sky.

The zeppelins will sit above the flight routes of commercial airlines, with drones sent out in ‘glide mode’ for most of their delivery flight and only using power to change direction and land at the address of a customer.

Drones would then fly autonomously to an Amazon facility on the ground and be transported back at a later date, along with stock and staff, in smaller airships.

An Amazon spokesman said that using airships and gliding drones was environmentally friendly and added:

Because the airship is airborne, it is not limited to a fixed location like a traditional ground-based handling facility. It can navigate to different areas depending on a variety of factors, such as weather and expected demand.

Amazon airships could also be used for advertising at outdoor events like football matches but aviation experts say strict airspace regulations mean that floating warehouses will not be hovering above UK cities anytime soon.

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