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IF THE NEW YORK Hilton is a little out of your price range, why not stay in a Yellow Cab instead?

For just $39 a night, visitors to the Big Apple can sleep in a taxi parked on a road near to the East River in Queens.

The Yellow Cab belongs to comedian Jonathan Powley (36) who bought the vehicle a year ago, fitted it out with a bed and listed it on room rental website Airbnb.

The taxi, more a van than a regular sedan, was first owned by a woman who rented it out as a film prop, but according to Mr Powley: “She wasn’t getting a lot of bookings.

“I already lease vans as living spaces, so I thought what would be more interesting than living in a taxi? The cab has one bedroom and the best views of the Manhattan skyline.”

There is no bathroom however and Mr Powley added:

I compare the experience to urban glamping. I had one guy stay for two weeks. He was with his fiancé too and I said it was a long time to live in a taxi. He said it was fine, ‘We live in a bus!’

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