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OFFICE STAFF AT Addison Lee’s Camden headquarters face an uncertain future after rumours that the biggest minicab firm in Europe is about to make 90 employees redundant.

A source claims that Uber and Hailo are making inroads into the firm’s dominant London position and that the jobs under threat are in the company control room and maintenance operations.

In December 2014, Addison Lee Liam Griffin accused Transport for London of “bottling” it after it granted Uber a licence to operate private hire vehicles in the capital.

A spokesman for the GMB union said that it was “watching the situation carefully” and would be meeting with representatives from Addison in the near future.

In an internal company letter leaked to the media, Mr Griffin wrote: “It has become clear that there is a business need to make organisational changes in the workforce, in order to become more efficient and in recognition that staffing levels may be too high in some teams.”

The 4,500 vehicle strong minicab fleet was bought by American private equity firm Carlyle for £300 million in April 2013 and was rumoured to be up for sale for £800 million in 2014.

Addison Lee finance details recently filed at Companies House show that revenue was up by 11 per cent to £196.6m in the last 12 months, with a 55 per cent jump.

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