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A FORMER lorry driver spoke out in court about the horrific ordeal that forced her to give up her 20 year career.

The 45 year old was asleep in the cab of her vehicle in the parking lot of a trucking business in Carthage, Missouri when she was attacked by Aaran Schapers.

Schapers, a mechanic who worked for the company, let himself into her cab with keys he had taken from the office.

The victim, who had locked the sleeper section to her cab, was woken by Schapers grabbing her leg.  She told him to get out, but he refused and proceeded to assault her in a “rough manner.”

Assistant Prosecutor, Kimberly Fisher, told jurors that the attack has left the woman so traumatized with anxiety, nightmares and flashbacks that she was no longer able to work and had to give up her 20 year career as a truck driver.

Schapers denied the charges of first-degree rape and first-degree sodomy, insisting the victim had agreed to ‘hook up’ if she was still at the premises on the morning of the attack.

After the two-day trial, the jury of eight men and four women took less than three hours to return verdicts of the lesser offences of second-degree rape and second-degree sodomy because, “The assault did not involve the use of a weapon or the threat of serious injury or death.”

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