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COURIER FIRMS across Canada are reporting a sharp spike in business thanks to a labour dispute at Canada Post.

The possibility of a strike by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers and loss of post and parcel services has left Canada Post’s customers scrambling for alternative delivery options.

UPS Canada has had to hire 300 new employees and a store in Ottawa has seen queues of customers going out the door at lunchtimes.

Stanley Carter of UPS said:

Business had been picking up three to four times what we’re used to. Definitely, we’re not prepared for the level of customers coming in.

FedEx is also making contingency plans to cope with the possible rush of customers if Canada Post does lock-out its delivery staff.

FedEx said in a written statement: “Anticipating that the circumstances at Canada Post may trigger an increase in demand for FedEx services, a comprehensive contingency plan is in place to manage volume demands.”

A previous strike by CUPW workers in 2011 saw family-run courier company Chit Chat’s business soar.

President of Chit Chat, Carly Wood said:

We definitely generated a lot of new business because of the strike, our business probably doubled that year.

The company had been operating out of her home for ten years prior to the strike. Five years on and many of Canada Posts customers stayed with Chit Chat, which now boasts six facilities.

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  1. BHOGA

    too bad the author does not know the difference between a lock-out and a strike. No strike action has been indicated by the union. Management however has issued, and withdrawn, its 72 hour notice of intent to lock out the workers. Canada Posts largest customers have not been ‘scrambling’ to find alternative modes of delivery. Canada Post management informed its largest customers months ago about this summers’ impending work stoppage and ‘labour dispute’. Canada Post management has threatened to shut the post office down. Canada Post management has sent its customers elsewhere.

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